Mia – July 10th, 2014

11/12/12: Meet Mia, a six year old owner surrender to a rural high kill shelter. The owners dropped Mia off this afternoon stating that they couldn’t afford her any longer and she had recently snapped at the children. Because she was an owner surrender to this small shelter, plans were to put her to sleep within hours. By a stroke of luck, her photo was posted on the shelters volunteer website. Fearing that she would indeed be put down, Joyce Keeton with English Bulldog Rescue of Georgia swooped in a claimed her, eventhough EBRG didn’t have room for her. At about the same time we were also made aware of Mia by one of our concerned facebook friends. We immediately contacted the shelter. By working together, we were able to get this sweet girl to safety with GEBR. Thank you for your help Cheryl and Joyce.

Mia is now resting on a big fluffy bed, with a full tummy but not before she got the full inspection. She probably has dry eye in both eye with impaired vision and loss of night vision. After cleaning out her eyes and putting in lubicating drops, she seems to be a bit more comfortable. One of her ears looks a bit red. Most concerning of all is a mass on her right front leg that seems to be red and very tender. She doesn’t have a spay scar. She is heartworm negative.

Mia is a sweet girl, a bit tentative at the moment but doesn’t look nearly as sad and depressed as she did in the shelter photo. She is very spry for 9 years old, jumping up on the couch but only when invited. No sign of food aggression or toy aggression. She is very gentle when taking food out of hands and has certainly enjoyed a new bone to gnawl on.

Mia has dry eye.  She will be spayed next week and then ready for adoption.

Update 12/11/12: Mia was spayed today.  She is now ready for adoption.

Update 5/11/13:  Mia has been adopted!  Congrats Mia and Sara!


July 10, 2014: Mia crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Mia


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