5/23/17:  Please welcome Melson!  He came to us from a breeder in TN.  He has some degree of spina bifida which is causing him to leak urine and he has no control of his bowel movements.  We will start feeding him a raw diet to help with his bowel movements.  He will need to live his life in diapers that will need to be changed every few hours.  He does not appear to have any mobility issues.

He is two months old.  He likes dogs.  He has not met any cats or kids yet. He will be ready for adoption once he receives all of his puppy vaccinations and his neutered.

Update 7/19/17:  Melson was having some trouble getting around so he had a consult with Dr Cross, the orthopedic specialist.  It turns out he needs knee surgery and he will have it tomorrow.

Update 7/20/17:  Melson had knee surgery and all went well!  He will see Dr Cross again in two months for a check up and x-rays.  If all looks well he will be neutered.  

Update 11/10/17: Melson has been adopted by his foster mom. Congrats Melson and Darlene!


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