5/28/21 – Please welcome Fantasia. Fantasia joins us from Gwinnett County Animal Control where she spent the last month as part of a neglect case. She was officially singed over to the clinic today and is now in our care. She needs to be spayed, have airway surgery and have her teeth cleaned. Unfortunately, she is heartworm positive and will need heartworm treatment once she recovers from surgery.

6/3/21 – Fantasia has her surgery today and all went well! She was spayed, had her palate shortened, had her saccules removed, had her nares widened, had her teeth cleaned and had two teeth extracted. She will begin his heartworm treatment in a few weeks once he recovers from surgery.

6/15/21 – Fantasia started her fast kill heartworm treatment today.  

7/8/21 – Fantasia finished her heartworm treatment today and has been cleared for adoption.  

7/27/21 – Fantasia has been adopted!  Congrats Fantasia and Parks family!

approximate age: 4
approximate weight: 52
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: we have not seen her around cats
likes kids: we have not seen her around children
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: joint supplements 

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