1/8/14: Please welcome Mattie!  Mattie’s owner called her local Humane Society earlier this week inquiring how she would go about surrendering Mattie to them.  Luckily the Humane Society was aware of GEBR and put the owner in touch with us.

Mattie is suffering from horrible tail pocket infection and has been suffering from this for a long time.  Her owner was treating it medically, but every time it cleared up the infection would come right back.  She needs tail amputation surgery and from the looks of it she is long overdue for surgery.  She is in a lot of pain!

Mattie was taken into GEBR last night and dropped off at Dr Rush’s this morning.  She will have tail amputation and spay surgery tomorrow.  She will also be vaccinated and have a full exam.

Thank you Bryan and Amanda for letting her have a sleep over at your house last night and for getting her to Dr Rush’s this morning.

We are told she likes other dog and loves the children she was living with for the past two years.  Maddie is three and a half years old.

She will move into her foster home next week and she will be available for adoption in a few weeks after she recovers from surgery.

Update 1/25/14: Mattie had to spend a few weeks at the vet after tail amputation surgery.  Her incision was draining almost the entire time.  At one point we thought additional surgery was going to be needed but it was not.  She moved into her foster home and is loving her new pain free life!

She will be heading back to the vet in two weeks for a follow up and to have her stitches removed.  If all looks good she will be adopted by her foster parents then.

Update 2/9/14: Mattie had her stitches out on 2/8 and was cleared for adoption.  Her foster parents signed the paperwork on 2/9 and made it official.  Congrats Mattie, Ellen and Danny!


V Thomson

S & A Garman

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