Maggie – May 28, 2011

May 28, 2011

Maggie died unexpectedly this morning.

Maggie entered rescue in August, 2010 but was fostered by her owners until Jan, 2011, when she was transported from Savannah to Atlanta.  Maggie was a sweet girl who had gone through too much in the year prior to her surrender.  She lost her doting and devoted owner last year and was transported from California to Georgia to be cared for by family members.  Maggie wasn’t  exactly welcomed by the existing dog in their home, the family ultimately came to the difficult decision that Maggie would be happier in another home.  With much emotion, Maggie was surrendered to GEBR.

Maggie has been living in her foster home since Feb, 2011 with foster mom,  Jessica and foster brother, Hugh.  Maggie was devoted to Jessica and was very very happy.

We take comfort in the fact that Maggie is back with her devoted Daddy at the Rainbow Bridge.

With love in honor of Maggie from Tank, Petunia, Fiona Fonte and their Mommy.

With love from Zappa, J and S Reece.

Rest in Peace,  D and T Payne 

K Von Hollen