Lucy – May 11, 2017

In the sky with diamonds….. Meet Lucy, Lucy is a 4 year old female who asked for a transfer all the way from Iowa.  With the help of 20 caring people, who gave unselfishly of their time, Lucy was transported to Atlanta over 2 days. Lucy has had a rough time lately.  She lived with 2 other dogs and 8 children in a small town in Iowa.  About 6 months ago, she escaped her home and found herself at Animal Control.  Emaciated, with mammary tumors, cherry eyes and obviously abused, Lucy was in horrible condition.  Being from a small town does have its advantages though…Animal Control knew where Lucy lived and because of her terrible condition made a wellness check at her home.  There they found another male in similar physical condition.  The third dog wasn’t as lucky though.  His stiff body was discovered under a table, obviously dead for quite sometime.  The second dog was confiscated and both were taken to the Humane Society for care.  During the investigation, it was discovered that the dogs were regularly abused and otherwise mistreated by the owner’s 8 children.  The apples don’t fall far from the tree-in this case eight rotten apples! Over the next several months Lucy regained weight and strength and was finally able to undergo spay, removal of benign mammary tumors and cherry eye surgery.  Lucy’s brother didn’t seem to suffer from lingering emotional issues related to their neglect and abuse and was easily adopted.  Lucy however, had become dog aggressive and was aggressively fearful of children.  Time healed some of her anxiety to the point that she was able to attend community functions but a suitable adoptive home could not be found that would heed the no dog, no children requirements of Lucy’s adoption.  The Humane Society contacted several English Bulldog Rescues in their region of the country.  None had room for Lucy after taking in 15 dogs from a puppy mill…GEBR was contacted. Lucy is now in a foster home, no dogs and no children.  She is blossoming with attention and TLC.  She began a rigorous exercise program (for a bulldog) to take off a few extra pounds.  She has decompressed quite a bit since her transfer and even tried to approach a child with interest.  She hasn’t lunged at other dogs on walks.  We believe that the dog aggression may have been a result of kennel stress, so this may improve with time, since she did live with 2 other dogs in her previous life. If you are interested in adopting Lucy, please fill out an adoption application. 


May 11, 2017:  Lucy crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.