Baxter – May 11th, 2017

6/5/13: Baxter was found stray in Pell City, AL last week. His stray hold was up today and once again we had a driver waiting there waiting for him. Megan took him from Pell City, AL to meet Dawn in Oxford, AL. Now he and Dawn are on their way to Riverside Animal Hospital. He is heartworm negative and he is five years old. He is not neutered yet… but he will be soon. We will have more updates after Dr Ross has time to give him a full exam. Thank you Megan and Dawn for getting Baxter to safety!

Update 6/18/13: Baxter was neutered today.  He will move to his foster home soon.

Update 6/25/13: Baxter went his foster home on Saturday. He seems to have some sort of pain in his knee so we will have a visit with Dr Cross next week for a consult.

Update 7/2/13: Baxter had a consult with Dr Cross. He needs to have surgery on both knees. He goes back to GVS on 7/15 for his first surgery.

Update 7/15/13: Baxter had his first of two knee surgeries.

Update 9/9/13: Baxter has his second knee surgery.  He goes back at the end of October for a final check up and x-ray then we will be adopted by his foster parents.

Update 11/16/13: Baxter’s foster parents signed the adoption paperwork this weekend an made it official.  Congrats Baxter, Ric, Marleen and Macy!

Update 12/19/15:  Baxter’s owner has become ill and can no longer care for Baxter so have welcomed him back to GEBR.  We are currently treating an ear and skin infection.  He has also developed dry eye and we started giving him tacrolimus for dry eye.

Update 1/12/15:  Baster has a recheck for his ear and skin infections today.  Overall his skin is looking great with the exception of a spot on his leg.  Dr Ross is going to remove some tissue surgically and do a biopsy.

Update 3/18/16:  Baxter decided he wanted to move to TN!  Congrats Baxter and Lisa!    

approximate age: 7 1/2

approximate weight: 80 pounds – he is currently overweight

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: n/a

likes children: yes

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medication: tacrolimus for dry eye, joint supplements

May 11, 2017:  Baxter crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.