Lord Baxter Duke

7/31/22 – Please welcome Lord Baxter Duke! His friends call him Baxter. Baxter was picked up as a stray with another dog. The other dog had a microchip (Baxter did not) but the microchip was not registered. He wasn’t to happy his first day at the shelter when the staff tried to give him an exam and vaccinations, but he has been very happy since joining the rescue! We are treating him for an ear infection and an upper respiratory infection. He is already neutered and does not need any other surgery.
approximate age: 3

approximate weight: 65 (but on a diet because he is overweight)
likes dogs: yes, but seems to like the smaller one (over the bigger one) in his foster home
likes cats: n/s
likes kids: he would be ok with kids over age 10
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none
likes: walks, toys and chasing balls
dislikes: not completely comfortable with large dog yet, not comfortable meeting new dogs while on leash
ideal home: one with kids over age 10, smaller dogs, a fenced yard to chase balls in


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