12/23/20: Please welcome Livingston. He was picked up as a stary by Fayette County Animal Control. He was released to as an urgent medical case. He is eating well and feels fine but has been drinking a bit more water than necessary. He has a severe skin infection over most of his body. He is underweight. His blood work shows a few concerning things; but those should clear up with time, quality food and antibiotics. The bloodwork did not indicant any reason to believe he has cushings disease or why he would be drinking excess amounts of water, but we will monitor this. He does have enlarged lymph nodes which the vet aspirated. There is no sign of cancer, just reactive to the infection. Eventually will need dental, neuter, and possible tail amputation surgery once we get the infection cleared up. For now, we are treating him with oral medication and medicated baths twice a week for his skin and we are treating him for an ear infection. We did give him a cytapoint allergy shot to help with itching from his current infection. As this time, we do not know if this is something he will need long term.

1/12/21: Livingston saw the vet today for a recheck on his skin. We did get the culture back today and will be adding in a few new medications. Unfortunately, he has two types of infection that we are trying to clear up. His ear infection has cleared up and he seems to be feeling a little bit better. He will see the vet again in three weeks.

2/15/21:  Livingston saw the dermatologist today and was diagnosed with pemphigus.  We are also treating a staff infection and severe ear infections.  We have an aggressive treatment plan in place to get his pemphigus and infections under control.  He will see the dermatologist again in two weeks.  

11/1/21 – Livingston is doing well!  He still sees the dermatologist every four weeks while we monitor his pemphigus.  He will live with the disease for the rest of his life but our goal is to make it manageable to have less visits to the dermatologist of course!  He is definitely not the same dog he was 10 months ago! He is such a sweet easy going guy that just loves life and being spoiled! 

2/23/22 – Livingston has been adopted.  Congrats Livingston and Hutson family! 

approximate age: 7
approximate weight: 49
likes dogs: he does not mind his foster sister
likes cats: we have not seen him around cats
likes kids: we have not seen him around young children
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: we are not certain at this time

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