11/15/18:  Please welcome Josie!  A kind person pulled her from a local shelter and turned her over to us.  She is already vaccinated and spayed.  We are treating a skin infection with oral medication and medicated baths. She is one a short dose of apoquel because she had been itching.  We are hopeful the itching is just related to the skin infection and that we can discontinue the apoquel after this dose and once the staph infection clears up.We are also treating an ear infection.  She has been diagnosed with dry eye in her right eye and will need prescription eye drops for life.  She has a bit of a prolapsed anus, it has not given her any trouble over the last few days and we are keeping a close eye on this.  She will see the vet again in two weeks for a recheck on her ears and skin.

She is five years old.  She likes dogs and children but we do not know how she feels about cats.

12/3/18: Josie has surgery today to remove a mass on her anus and she had her palate shortened. All went well and she is recovering at her foster home.

1/5/19:  Josie has been adopted!

approximate age: 5

approximate weight: 38

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: n/a

likes children: yes 

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medications: prescription eye drops for dry eye in her right eye

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