Little Jack

5/8/15: Please welcome Little Jack! Jack was an owner surrender, born 12/20/2014. Owner had a change in family circumstance and became overwhelmed with owning 2 young bulldogs and wanted to ensure that Jack and his sister Jill would go to a good forever home and receive the care they need.

Update 5/9/15: Jack was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital for an initial evaluation. Jack received all his vaccinations and rabies shots, heartworm test was negative, and he was microchipped. Jack will be scheduled to be neutered in June.

Update 5/11/15: Jack was evaluated by Martinez Animal Hospital for his breathing and skin irritation that was noticed by his foster home. Jack has swollen lymph nodes due to infection in his throat. Jack was given a shot of antibiotics and oral antibiotics. Jack was also given an antibacterial shampoo for his skin infection. Jack will possibly need palate surgery. Will be followed up with veterinarian in 2-weeks.

Update 5/28/2015: Jack was seen by Dr. Brown at Martinez Animal Hospital for his follow up. Dr. Brown stated he was healthy and not in need of anything else medically.

Update 6/10/15:  Little Jack has been adopted by his foster family.  Congrats Jack and Wheeler family!





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