5/8/2015: Please welcome Jill. Jill was an owner surrender, born 12/20/2014. Owner had a change in family circumstance and became overwhelmed with owning 2 young bulldogs and wanted to ensure that Jill and her brother Jack would go to a good forever home and receive the care they need.

Update 5/9/15: Jill was seen by Martinez Animal Hospital for an initial evaluation. Jill received all her vaccinations and rabies shots, heartworm test was negative, and she was microchipped. Jill also has an infection of her eyes and was given some medication for her  eyes. Jill will possibly need entropion eye surgery of the inner corners of her eyes.

Update 5/11/15: Jill was evaluated by Martinez Animal Hospital for her breathing concerns that were noticed by her foster home.  Jill was diagnosed with an infection of her throat and was given a shot of antibiotics and oral antibiotics. Jill will need palate surgery. Jill will follow up with veterinarian in 2-weeks & will schedule her spay.

Update 5/21/15: Jill was followed up with the veterinarian at Martinez Animal Hospital. Her infection is gone now but Jill will require palate surgery and entropian eye surgery to both eyes at 12 months of age. Due to Jill current severe palate issue she is requiring to be fed with a raised slow feeder, and water bottle to prevent aspiration and further irritation of her palate.  Jill is given Benadryl as needed to help dry up the phlegm in the back of her throat caused by her palate issue.

Jill is doing great in her foster home and learning the proper social behaviors of sharing her human with other fur siblings.

Update 7/16/15:  Jill has been adopted!  Congrats Jill and Monday family!




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