Lilly is an 11 month old female English Bulldog. Lilly has had quite a few changes in her short life…she was purchased by a Marine, who got…you guessed it deployed and Lilly was re-homed through Craigslist to a couple in Snellville. She was re-homed unspayed, so thank goodness she didn’t end up in a puppy mill. She… recently began to display signs of aggression to the Golden Retriever puppy in the home. After one big fight a week ago, it was decided that Lilly needed to be re-homed.

Lilly is up to date on vaccinations but will need to be spayed. She has a cherry eye in one eye and an intermittent cherry eye in the other…we will fix both.

Update 12/22/10: Doing well in her foster home.  Settling in and loves all the attention of 3 children.  She has been spayed and had both cherry eyes fixed.  Recently, one of the cherry eyes returned and she will have to have another surgery in about three weeks to repair.

Update 1/24/11: Lilly had her cherry eyes fixed a few weeks ago, only to have one recur and develop and infection in the other eye.  She is scheduled for repeat cherry eye repair when we get the eye infection resolved.

Update 5/21/11: Lilly went to the vet today to get checked for mange; the test came back negative! It is most likely just environmental allergies and a reaction to the grain in the treats she was eating. She will be on a strict grain free diet (food and treats) moving forward and that should clear up her skin. Lilly meet Brewzer and Meaty and she was very nice to both of them! Whatever dog aggression she had when she came into rescue is definitely disappearing!


Big Papa and Family


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