Georgia meet the whole world, the whole world meet Georgia.

Georgia is a sweet 6 year old female who’s had a rough last couple of years.  She’s had repeated “flare ups” of allergies and skin infections requiring frequent Vet visits, with little improvement in her condition.  Georgia came to rescue with a shopping bag filled with all the medicines she had been prescribed recently.  Her family loves her very much but were finding it difficult keeping up with the bills, particularly since their finances were suffering in the current economy.  Yet, they persevered after talking with us several months ago and followed our recommendations about swtiching to grain free food.  She improved some, but as the summer progressed, she got worse again.

Georgia’s family thought it best to surrender her to GEBR, in hopes that we would have her evaluated by a vet more familiar with Bulldogs (there are none in her area) and solve the allergy mystery.

Georgia is a very sweet girl.  Although scared when she first arrived, she quickly warmed up to our silliness.  Georgia was very uncomfortable walking in the grass and when tranferred to pavement, she would begin spinning around on her back paws.  She also had mild skin irritation, subsequently diagnosed as Staph.  The picturea above are what we found after we brought her into the vets waiting room.

She has been evaluated and brought up to date on her vaccines.  She is also having allergy testing performed so that we can solve her allergy problems, for the rest of her life. (keeping our fingers crossed).  After testing, her adoption will be delayed until we are able to begin allergy shots and are sure she is getting better.

Update 10/06/10:

It turns out that some of Georgia’s “spinning” was a result of tail pocket irritation.  We’ve gotten that cleared up and no spinning!!!!! her paw pads are healing but with some residual redness deep between the pads.  We are awaiting results of allergy testing to get her back on a healthy course, for good.

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