Lewis – March 1, 2013

2/23/13: Meet Lewis, a two year old emergency surrender this morning because of a bowel obstruction; the owner could not afford surgery. He is at GVS at this very moment being evaluated and will most likely go to surgery within the next few hours. More info to come as it becomes available to us. Emergency surgeries, especially at an emergency vet on the weekends are quite costly, if you would like to contribute to his care you may donate via paypal through the donate button below or call GVS and ask to donate toward his care (Lewis with Georgia English Bulldog Rescue) at 404-459-0903.

2/24/13: Lewis was able to eat a little today without vomiting, his energy has improved but still no bowel movement. Was hard to get him to stay still for a photo, but this was a brief moment of rest. Abdomen is not swollen and he is not in pain, so will continue to monitor. As is well for now but all will feel better after a CODE BROWN.
Update 2/26/13:  Lewis he is out of surgery. The results are not straight.  First off, Lewis was a very sick boy and it is surprising that he was so comfortable and medically stable, but fortunately we did wait until today because Dr. Duvall was able to do it.


Apparently Lewis swallowed a long thin and SHARP piece of plastic. It initially lodged into the intestine closest to his stomach, injuring the intestine wall but not completely perforating. Then it traveled farther into the small intestine, lodging and releasing, finally becoming stuck in another portion of the small intestine and nearly perforating a portion of that section. Dr. Duvall was able to remove both areas and reconnect the intestines.

The bad news is that one of the ducts that drains the pancreas had to be removed as well, because of the damage. We have a very sick boy on our hands and the potential to get even sicker if he develops pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is a very real possibility because the work had to be done in the vicinity of the pancreas (which the pancreas does not like, a very temperamental organ) and on top of that, one of it’s drainage ducts is removed, again making the pancreas angry.
So now, besides the usual post operative risks we have to watch out for, there is a very real possibility that he will develop pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is treated with supportive care only (there isn’t a pill to cure it) but carries a very guarded prognosis, many do not survive. He will be monitored closely at GVS. There may also be long term effects to the pancreas from removing one of it’s drainage ducts, but that’s a bridge we will cross later.

We have contacted his former owners, explained the situation and asked them to visit with Lewis while he is recovering. We think it will help him in the recovery process to be close to the people he is bonded with. He knows us, knows we are kind to him but he doesn’t have that “love” for us that he had with his family. We want to do everything possible to give him the will to pull through this.

3/1/13: Lewis took a turn for the worst and crossed to the rainbow bridge. 
RIP Lewis
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