Kermit – November 4th, 2014

12/8/13: Please welcome Kermit! Someone found Kermit and brought him to a vet in MS. They had him for three weeks. He was covered in fleas, has a skin infection, infection on his nose, and is heartworm positive. One of our Facebook friends reached out to us about him and we contact the vet’s office and had transport set up for the weekend. Thank you Heart, Mary, Andrea and Dawn for getting Kermit to safety!

He was already neutered when they found him and they vaccinated him before he left MS. He has a runny nose so he will be on antibiotics for one week, then he will begin heartworm treatment for four weeks. He has a skin tag on his leg, not sure if we need to do surgery to remove it. If it poses a problem then we will remove it. His nails still need some work but they have been trimmed several times. The vet said they were extremely long when he came in.

He is a tad underweight still but currently weighs 46 pounds. They think he is around 6.

The vet in MS said he is good with dog and cats but they have not seen around children.

Update 12/27/12: Kermit came in with a pretty bad respiratory infection, still waiting on that to clear up before we can start heartworm treatment.

Update 2/8/14: Kermit was finally able to move into his foster home!  Kermit finished his heartworm treatment on 1/29 but he got a bad tail pocket infection the same day.  We tried for three weeks to clear it up but no oral or topical medication helped. He was not happy with the vet staff when they tried to clean it! We decided tail amputation was the best option.  He had the surgery on 2/24, the stitches were removed on 3/7 and he is healing nicely.  He does still have a crusty nose and crusty paw pads.  He will not allow us near his nose or paw pads to treat topically so we are treating with vitamin A supplements. Kermit spent so much time boarding and getting medical care we wanted him to have some time to decompress so he is taking things slow with his foster sister.  So far things are going ok, but they are just getting to know each other.  Kermit is a bit vocal and is definitely a typically stubborn bully.  We have not seen him around children.


Update 7/24/14: Kermit had a consult with Dr Duval at GVS for his ears.  He has had continuous ear infections since coming into rescue and we can not get them under control.  He will have total ear ablation surgery today.  He will also see the dermatologist today so we can get a handle on his skin issues and get to the bottom of that crusty nose!  It is getting worse not better, no matter what we do for it.

Update 7/24/14 evening: Kermit is out of surgery and awake but his heart did stop after Dr Duval finished one ear ablation. They were able to perform CPR and revive him. He is stable! She will do his other ear surgery in a month after he recovers. Dr Schick was able to remove most of the crust from his nose and will send it off for a biopsy. We should have the results in a week. He also did an environmental allergy test and of course he is allergic to everything! We will start him on prescription allergy medication for now and discuss allergy shots as a long term plan for him. If he has a good night then he should be able to leave the hospital tomorrow afternoon. He will have a drain in his ear that he will have to have removed in a few days. Please keep him in your thoughts!

Update 8/21/14:  Kermit had his second ear surgery and all went well.  He moved into his foster home and things are going well.  He will be seeing the dermatologist in a few weeks.

Update 11/4/14:  Unfortunately Kermit lost his battle with pneumonia today.  We did everything possibly to get him to a good place over the past 11 months.  We are so happy that he at least had the past few months with his foster home and was finally pain free.




S Chandler –In memory of sweet Charlotte and honor of Ruthann

R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop

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