I’m Hercules, a three year old neutered male. I had a great life with my daddy until a lady with her froo froo came into our lives. Neither the lady or the froo froo liked me. One day, the lady took me to a shelter and told them to put me to sleep, they were being deployed to Asia and she wasn’t going to take me with them. I didn’t understand, I had always been a good boy. Fortunately, the people at the shelter saw that I was indeed a great boy and just couldn’t let me be euthanized, GEBR couldn’t let that happen either. With the help of transport volunteers, I’m now in Atlanta. Eventhough Hercules’ former owners said he’s an English Bulldog, he’s taller than average and has a bit of a snout. Regardless of his size, he has the typical bullie personality…SWEET!!! He’s been through alot the last several days but continues to have stellar temperment and behavior. In less than 2 hours I was already giving him belly rubs. He is in good health and his coat is absolutely beautiful! I have seen no signs of aggression. He doesn’t even react when my own dogs bark. He’s crate and potty trained. He does have a habit of jumping up in excitement, more so with men….nothing aggressive. Leash manners need some work since he does like to pull. Hercules loves to give kisses and his butt wiggles a mile a minute when he’s happy…which seems to be all the time. He’s a very good boy!!

Hercules was going to be adopted by his foster family and was moving to Hawaii. Unfortunately, due to housing difficulties they sadly will not be able to take him with them.  I know they are very sad and have exhausted all reasonable avenues to find a solution.  It is with a heavy heart that they will have to pass on the adoption.  If you are interested in Hercules, please submit an adoption application.

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