Meet Abbie, a 2 1/2 year old female English Bulldog who will be coming into rescue very soon.  Abbie is DEAF and is having difficulty in her current home because it is too fast paced.  With teenage children in the house and friends coming and going all the time, it’s stressing out this little sweetie.  As a result, Abbie is very anxious.  She was also living with another english bulldog with whom she gets along well.  Abbie is not spayed(for now) but is UTD on shots.

We have a wonderful volunteer who has offered to help her out as a foster parent.   We have also contacted a trainer who is going to work with Abbie, one on one…Thank you Joyce!  Now all we need to do is obtain a vibration collar to aid in the training process.  YIKES!!!!!!  that’s expensive.  I estimate the cost at close to $400, including shipping.  Can you help us with this unexpected cost or know someone who has a vibration collar that they no longer need?   *collar will need to fit a bullies neck 🙂


Got our first look at Abbie today and what a sweet girl!!!!  Unfortunately, we weren’t able to place her with the planned foster parents…Abbie didn’t seem to like their female bulldog.  Maybe her behavior with other dogs will improve after she has had some time to decompress and establish trust in her new environment.  Her training collar (vibration only, no shock feature)has been ordered and is on the way so we can begin training very soon.  Abbie is easy going and pleasant.  She loves car rides.  She dislikes being startled, very easy to do with a deaf dog, so care must be taken when she first wakes…we’ve worked that part out already.

Because of Abbie’s need for specialized resources we are partnering with English Bulldog Rescue of Georgia to hopefully provide a foster home, care,  training and adoptive home that meets Abbie’s needs completely.  At this time we will need to place her in an adult only foster home with no dogs or cats.  NO SMALL CHILDREN AND NO TEENS.  We’re not asking for much, are we?  No worries, Abbie is safe and comfortable. snoring away on her new doggy bed right now.  If you are an adult couple or single, in between dogs and would like to foster Abbie, please drop us a line.  I have Abbie here with me but now have no room for an emergency rescue that may need to come into GEBR.


Abbie is in a wonderful foster home with new foster mom, Abby.  Coincidence?  I’m told she has made herself comfortable and taking advantage of her only dog status.  She does have a new boyfriend…Cooper.  They like long walks through the neighborhood and cuddling with their owners.  We are terribly happy that Abbie has finally found a place where she can relax and enjoy one on one attention.  We have gotten her vibration collar and are scheduling the first training session.


Abbie has had her first training session and appears to be a very very smart girl.  Foster Mom, Abby is working with her daily to reinforce what she’s learned.  WE have also learned that Abbie isn’t particularly fond of men and will react negatively if she feels threatened by a man.  This issue will also be addressed by our trainer.  She is settling into her new home and has a special bond with her foster mom.