Harry – June 28th, 2021

8/12/20: Please welcome Harry! He joins us from Decatur Animal Service. He was picked up as a stray and when no one came looking for him he was able to join the rescue. The shelter vaccinated and neutered him. Unfortunately, he is heartworm positive. We also had the shelter vet remove a large mass from his hind end and clean his teeth. We are waiting on results of the biopsy from the mass that was removed. He will begin heartworm treatment in a week once he recovers from surgery.

8/19/20: Harry started his heartworm treatment today. His biopsy from the mass came back as a mass cell tumor. He had another mass pop up on his hind end so we will remove and test that one also.

8/25/20: Harry had the new mass removed today and all went well. We are waiting on biopsy results.

9/11/20:  Harry completed his heartworm treatment today and has been cleared for adoption.  His second mass did come back as a mast cell tumor but we did get clear margins when it was removed.  The vet is recommending he take benadryl and pepcid lifelong in hope to prevent additional masses from forming.

2/22/21:  Harry is having some behavior issues with resource guarding so we are now working with the trainer and the vet to come up with a plan for him.  He also has a slight head tilt so we will ne consulting with the neurologist as soon as we can get him an appointment with one.  We feel he will benefit from a strict training program.  He is a good dog most of the time he just needs a little help to become a great dog all of the time. We will do everything we can to get him there!

4/1/21 – Harry has had a little bit of a head tilt and mild facial weakness, so we had him checked out by the neurologist today.  These symptoms are consistent with dysfunction of the facial and vestibular nerves on the left side; he has been diagnosed with vestibular disease/dysfunction (which is similar to vertigo). Typical causes for peripheral vestibular disease includes idiopathic vestibular syndrome, middle/inner ear disease or possible hypothyroid neuropathy.  We do not know the exact cause of this but we have checked his thyroid levels and confirmed he does not have an ear infection.  Regardless of the cause, the mild head tilt and mild facial weakness may be permanent but are unlikely to adversely affect his quality of life.

His resource guarding on the other hand is a behavior issues that he needs help and training with.  We have an at home training plan in place for him, all he needs is an experienced adopter will to give him a chance!

June 28, 2021 – Harry crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep our board and clinic staff in your thoughts as we morn his loss. 

Rest In Peace Harry

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