Gracie – December 31st, 2018

We welcome this sweet little girl into our fold. Gracie is a very good looking bullie girl, 2 years old, spayed, Heartworm negative and now up to date on her vaccines. She has a long history of skin problems, dating back to puppyhood when she was diagnosed with demodex mange and treated with oral medications, but not nearly long enough. Since that time her owners had been battlng repeated skin problems. Some skin irritations resolved with a simple change to grain free food but other areas of inflammation only improved temporarily with antibiotics . It didn’t help that she had been living outside for much of her life.

Gracie was immediately bathed with medicated shampoo and placed on antibiotics and antifungal medications. She had a large area of raw skin on her neck and chest that bled when touched. Her front legs, left face and between all toes were covered in thick black skin that also bled when touched. Skin scrapings were positive for Demodex Mange. She has now begun treatment with Promeris.

Initially, Gracie was very scared and mostly hid in her crate. She’s now feeling comfortable, safe and loved. I had a very difficult time trying to get her to come back into the house after potty she can’t wait to come back inside to the air conditioning, a clean bed and some much craved attention. She is beginning to show interest in my other dogs and simply loves my children. I have delayed introducing her to my other fosters because I have been unable to put her in a collar or harness(for control) because of the skin irritation but I’m sure, based on body language, that she will tolerate other dogs well. She’s loving and gentle. She hasn’t had an accident in the house.

Gracie will have to spend a bit of time in foster care getting “dolled up” but is looking for that special home of her own. If you are uable to adopt, would you please consider donating to our rescue? The cost of caring and treating for Gracie and her friends Clementine, Daisy and Twiggy is staggering.

Update from foster Mama Milissa:

Gracie’s skin is progessively improving and no longer bleeds when cleaned.  Her legs are improving as well. She and her foster brother, Titan are enjoying each others company.  Titan is teaching her the “ropes” and passing on all his tricks.


She continues to improve.  Will have her rechecked for mange in a few weeks and hopefully  get a clean bill of health on skin scrape.  After consultation with Foster Momma Milissa, it appears that Gracie will do better in a slower paced home.  Possibly a retired couple who will make Gracie the center of their world.  She wants to be with the family but tends to stay on the periphery when there’s a lot of activity.  She gets nervous with too much stimulation and will seek solitude.

12/31/18:  Gracie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.