Troovey – October 20th, 2023

1/25/21 – Please welcome Gracie Wren! She joins us from a retired breeder’s home. She needs to have a fatty mass removed from her nipple and a hard mammary mass removed then sent off for biopsy; she will be spayed at the same time. We are treating an ear infection, a skin infection, and a tail pocket infection. She does have a cleft lip, but it is just cosmetic; it does not cause any medical issues. She is overweight and will be on a diet to help her drop a few pounds.

1/27/21 – Gracie had her spay and mass removal surgery today and all went well. We should have the biopsy results in a week or less.

2/10/21 – Gracie Wren got her spay stitches out today. We got her biopsy results back and her mass is benign. Her skin infection and her ear infection has cleared up, but her tail pocket infection has not. We will need to move forward with a tail amputation surgery.

2/26/21 – Gracie Wren had her tail amputation surgery today and all went well.

3/10/21 – Gracie Wren got her stiches removed today and has been cleared for adoption. She is feeling great now that she does not have a tail pocket infection causing her discomfort.

4/24/21 – Grace Wren packed her bags and moved to the farm. Congrats Gracie and Walker family!

October 22, 2023 – Troovey, formally known as Gracie Wren, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Troovey

approximate age: 7
approximate weight: 54 (she is down from 57 and needs to drop a few more pounds)
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: we have not seen her around cats
likes kids: yes
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none

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