Big Mac

5/24/21 – Please welcome Big Mac. Big Mac’s family felt that he would be happier in a home without toddlers, so they asked us to find him a new home. He needs to be neutered, have airway surgery, have a cherry eye corrected and have his teeth cleaned. Unfortunately, he is heartworm positive and will need heartworm treatment once he recovers from surgery.

6/1/21 – Big Mac had his surgery today and all went well! He was neutered, had his palate shortened, had his saccules removed, had his cherry eye tacked down and had his teeth cleaned. He will begin his heartworm treatment in a few weeks once he recovers from surgery.

8/5/21 – Big Mac has been adopted.  Congrats Big Mac and Giles!

approximate age: 7
approximate weight: 60 – he is a few pounds overweight
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: yes
likes kids: he has grown up with children but does not care for the toddlers and young children, but will only be placed with older children that will respect his boundaries
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none

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