10/23/14: Please welcome Eli!  Darlene busted him out of the shelter this morning and he now safe at our vet’s office.  Thanks for saving Eli Darlene!

He was picked up as a stray.  He does not have a microchip and no one went to the shelter looking for him.

As of right now we know he has a crusty nose and a pretty bad eye infection.  Both will be treated while he spends his two weeks in shelter quarantine.  Dr Ross will address all other medical needs at that time as well.

The shelter believes he is around three years old.  We do not know if he likes dogs, cats or children.

More info as we learn more about him.

Update 11/9/14:  Eli had his teeth cleaned on Thursday and moved into his foster home on Sunday.  He is hanging out with two other dogs and seems to get along fine with them both.  He does have dry eye in his left eye.  We are currently treating a tail pocket infection.  He is heading back to the vet for a check up on Saturday to see if it has cleared up with the oral and topical medications.

Update 11/15/14:  Eli has the vet today for a recheck on his tail pocket infection.  Unfortunately he does still have one.  We will treat for two more weeks.  If it has not cleared up by then he will see Dr Rush for tail amputation.

He has a family in NC waiting for him once he is cleared for adoption.

Update 11/26/14:  Eli’s tail pocket infection has cleared up and he has been cleared for adoption.

Update 11/30/14:  Eli packed his bags and moved to NC with his new family.  He also got a new name, he will now be known as Auggie.  Congrats Recod family!





R & S Rice – In memory of PorkChop







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