Dee and Roxx

12/19/14 – Please welcome Dee and Roxx!  A friend of the rescue acquired these dogs from their owner through Craigslist so that she can turn them over to rescue to get them the help and home they deserve.  We believe the most recent owner only had them a few months and that he got them to breed with each other. To our knowledge he did not breed either of them. They have been living outside.  They are not litter mates but they are from the same breeder and were born two days apart.

They both turned two in November.  Dee the tan male bully was born on 11/20 and Roxx the female brindle bully was born on 11/22.  They like dogs, we do not know if they like cats.  They like children.

Update 12/23/14:  Dr Rush was able to spay and neuter them today.  They are also now up to date on their vaccinations.  Overall them seem healthy.  They are moving into their foster home early next week.

Update 12/30/14:  Dee and Roxx moved into their foster home.  They are young and hyper but they sure are happy to be around people!  They are ready for adoption.


Update 1/11/15:  Dee and Roxx knew they were never leaving their foster home!  They have been adopted!  Congrats Olson family!



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