Dozer – October 25, 2021

12/1/13: Meet Dozer, a fine young man, approximately 2 years old. He was an owner surrender to our friends in Beaufort SC AC. He was surrendered at 3PM and by 4PM he was deemed safe with this rescue. Early this morning he was transported to the big city.

Dozer was surrendered because of “medical issues”…We believe he has a bladder stone. He is resting this afternoon and will be transported to Dr. Rush tomorrow for evaluation and possible surgery to remove the stone.

Dozer seems to be a laid back fellow although a bit anxious after all the changes in the last 24 hours. We do not know how he does with other dogs, cats or children at this time. Updates to follow.
Update 12/2/13: Dozer does not have a bladder stone but he has one stone in his urethra. Dr Rush sedated him and tried to flush it but was not able to. He is hesitant to cut open the urethra to remove the stone if he is not having trouble urinating. He will watch him for a few days then he will move into this foster home.

Update 12/3/13: Still no luck getting the stone out of Dozer’s urethra; but it does not seem to bother him and he can urinate with no issue. The urinalysis was not conclusive to what type of stone it is so we will check again in two weeks and try to flush it out again. He did widen his nostrils and shorten his palate today. He will move into his foster home tomorrow.

Update 12/13/13: Dozer is doing well in his foster home!  He goes back next week for a follow up visit.

Update 2/17/14: Crystals formed in Dozer’s urine so we had to put him on prescription dog food. They have since cleared up! The stone that is in his urethra is still there but does not seem to cause him any problems; therefore surgery is not necessary at this time. He will be adopted by his foster mom soon.

Update 3/23/14: Dozer was adopted along with Penelope(now known as Bubbles) this weekend! Congrats Bubbles, Dozer, Jean and Martin.

October 25, 2021 – Dozer crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Dozer


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