Demi Glaze

3/29/22 – Please welcome Demi Glaze! Demi Glaze was purchased a year ago by a breeder from another breeder. She had two litters of puppies since then but the third time she was unable to get pregnant, so the breeder turned her over to us to place her in a home. She is extremely overweight and on a strict weight loss plan. She has been diagnosed with dry eye and will be on prescription eye drops for life.

3/30/22 – The vet attempted Demi’s surgery today but was unable to get a catheter in her. We will give her some time to lose weight and try again in a few weeks.

4/11/22 – We attempted surgery again today but were unsuccessful. Hopefully she will lose more weight over the next few weeks.

5/11/22 – Demi Glaze had surgery today and all went well! She was spayed, had her palate shortened, and had her teeth cleaned. She is down 9 pounds and at a healthy weight!

7/5/22 – Demi Glaze has been adopted.  Congrats Demi Glaze and Payne family!

approximate age: 5
approximate weight: 52
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: we have not seen her around them, but we are told she was around them before coming to rescue
likes kids: we have not seen her around them but are told she was around kids ages 10-12 for the past year before coming to rescue
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: prescription eye drops for dry eye
Likes: affection, mealtime, car rides
Dislikes: wearing her harness when in her crate

Ideal home – one that will be patient with her getting used to living in a home and going potty outside, one that will give her a lot of attention, one that will strict to her healthy eating habits and not let her get overweight, we don’t think she isn’t going to be a playmate for another dog but doesn’t mind if there are other dogs in the house

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