Cody – May 1st, 2016

10/29/15:  Please welcome Cody!  Cody’s parents got divorced and Cody had no where to go.  A friend of a friend found out about Cody and took him in right before he was about to go to the shelter.  She took him to the vet for a check and vaccinations and then contacted us to see if we could find him the perfect home. Cody is not neutered yet and we believe he will need his palate shortened.  He is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow and will move into his foster home in a few days.  We are also treating an ear infection. Is four years old. We are told likes dogs but we do not know if he likes cats.  He has spent the past few weeks with a small child and has been doing well.

Update 11/7/15:  Cody has recovered from surgery and moved into his foster home today with GEBR alum Sassy.  They seem to get along fine so far.  He is a sweet boy with a big squishy face!  He will see Dr Rush in a few weeks to have his ears checked and to have his neuter stitches removed.

Update 12/5/15:  Sassy decided that is ok for Cody to stay forever.  Congrats Cody, Sassy and Lindsay!      




May 1, 2016: Unfortunately Cody crossed over the rainbow bridge from complications following surgery.  Please keep his mom Lindsay and fur sister Sassy in your thoughts.

Rest In Peace Cody

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