Bobbie Jo – May 1st, 2016

12/5/15: Please welcome Bobbie Jo!  She joins us from a local shelter.  Her owners dropped her off there because they no longer wanted her.  We were told the shelter wanted to put her down because there was no room and they could not adopt her out because of a medical issues but we asked nicely if they would turn her over to us instead.  They were very willing to do so!  Thank you for picking her up and getting her to safety Debbie.

She has a mammary tumor that is currently infected.  We started her on antibiotic today and as soon as it is safe for her to undergo surgery she will have it removed.  She will also have her teeth cleaned.  She is already spayed. We started treating her for dry eye.

She is around six years old.  She does not mind other dogs.  We have not seen her around cats.  We know she likes teenagers but we have not seen her around young children.

Update 12/29/15:  Bobbie Jo had her tumor removed today and all went well.  We are waiting on biopsy results.  She does have a little limp most likely from arthritis so we have started her on joint supplements.  Her foster mom says she loves to nap on the couch!  Once we have the biopsy results back she should be cleared for adoption.

Update 1/20/16:  Bobbie Jo’s tumor came back as hemangiosarcoma secondary to sun exposure. It was completely removed and has a low risk of metastasis so she has been cleared for adoption. But if she is outside she should have sunscreen applied to the thinly haired areas on her body.We did a needle biopsy the other day on a new spot but that came back as just fatty tissue.

Update 2/1/16: Bobbie Jo still has a limp.  We are going to give the joint supplements another week or two and if there is no improvement she will see the orthopedic surgeon for a consultation.  Unfortunately she has another small mass and will we be removing and have tested.

Update 3/8/16:  Bobbie Jo saw the orthopedic specialist today.  She has severe arthritis in her elbows and knees.  Dr Cross decided it would be best if we moved forward with electrohydraulic shock wave therapy.  She has her first treatment on Friday then another treatment in two weeks. If this treatment is successful for her it should give her some pain relief for 3-6 months.  She will be cleared for adoption after her next treatment.  Her new owners will need to consider this treatment or something similar for future pain management.

Unfortunately we lost Bobbie Jo to bone cancer.  Rest in Peace Bobbie Jo


approximate age: 6

approximate weight: 48 pounds

likes dogs: yes

likes cats: n/a

likes children: we have seen her around teenagers and she likes them

food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream

life long medication: tacrolimus for dry eye, joint supplements




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