Chica – December 2nd, 2014

10/24/14:  Please welcome Chica!  She came to us from a shelter in SC.  Apparently her owners have a LOT of dogs in the house.  Chica is one of the first to be surrendered to the shelter.

She is already spayed.  And as you can see she is underweight.  She will be getting a full check up and vaccinations before she moves into her foster home.

She is around five years old.  She likes dogs.  We do not know if she likes kids.  We are told she spent some time with children earlier in her life.

Update 11/17/14:  We are sad to report that we got some bad news on Chica today.  A head CT shows that she has a large tumor at the bridge of her nose, behind her eye and pushing into her brain. There is nothing we can do for the tumor but she will go back to Stephanie’s. We will start her on medication to make her comfortable. And she will get to spend the last days/weeks of her life as a happy spoiled bully!

Update 12/2/14:  Chica passed away peacefully in her sleep her night.  Rest in peace sweet girl.




P & L Kasparek


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