Bunny – March 23rd, 2020

Meet “BUNNY” (formerly Daisy but she doesn’t respond to it) an 11 month old, probably high english/olde english bulldogge.  Bunny was surrendered by her owner on Good Friday by her owner because they couldn’t afford to pay for her skin issues.  Full shelter AND a holiday weekend…Bunny didn’t stand a chance of getting out of there….BUT, within 15 minutes, GEBR got the call and it was imperative that we get her out of there ASAP.  Thanks to Matt and Danielle of Hilton Head, who made the entire drive yesterday, to bring Bunny to safety.  Matt and Danielle were owners of Ruffus (RIP) whom we tried to help several months ago.

Bunny is a very sweet, playful but calm little girl.  The sweetest smooshy face and kind eyes.  She’s a little on the thin side but is still a puppy and has pounds to grow!!  Her skin problem: demodex mange, an easy fix.

Unfortunately, even with the short stay at the shelter, she does have kennel cough. She is at Riverside Animal Hospital now for treatment of the cough, mange and then spay.

Welcome Bunny!!! Your life has only just begun.

Update 4/10/12: Bunny has Demodex Mange along with a secondary bacterial infection and an ear infection.  She is being treated now at Riverside Animal Hospital.  Once the mange and infections are cleared up she will be spayed and then ready for adoption.

Update 5/8/12:  Bunny was spayed today!  She will be moved to a foster home this week.

Update 5/9/12:  Bunny went to her foster home yesterday.  She gets her third promaris treatment today and then back to the vet in two weeks for a recheck.

Update 5/24/12: Bunny is mange free!

Update 6/22/12:  Bunny has been adopted!  Congrats Bunny and Deb!

3/22/20:  Maggie Mae, formally known as Bunny, crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Maggie Mae