Bailey Ann – March 28th, 2020

3/29/17:  Please welcome Bailey Ann!  Bailey Ann’s family has to move away for a family emergency and can not take her with them so they reached out to us for help.  She has been with her family for half of her life and has been loved.  She has not been to the vet in over two years for vaccinations or a check up but she is already spayed and overall healthy.

She is eight years old.  She has always been an only dog, so we do not know if she likes other dogs or cats.  She does like children.

Update 6/1/17:  Bailey Ann is living with a very small dog and seems to like her although she doesn’t always understand how small the other dog is!

Update 7/25/17:  Bailey Ann has been adopted by her foster family.  Congrats Bailey!

3/28/20:  Bailey Ann crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Bailey Ann.

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