10/8/20: Please welcome Bingham! He was picked up as a stray by animal control then turned over to the rescue. He will need to be vaccinated and neutered once his upper respiratory infection clears up. We are also treating a skin infection and an eye infection. He has been diagnosed with dry eye and will be on prescription eye drops for life.

10/13/20: Bingham had neuter surgery today and all went well.

11/24/20:  Bingham saw the vet today for a recheck on his skin, ears and eye.  His eyes are not improving any yet, we will continue to use the prescription eye drops as well as optix care eye lube and over the counter wetting drops.

12/30/20:  Bingham saw the vet today for recheck on his eyes and we decided to switch from tacrolimus to cyclosporine prescriptions drops to see those work any better for him.

2/10/21:  Bingham saw the vet today for a recheck on his eyes and we decided to switch to the extra strength tacrolimus.  His tear production is getting worse in one eye and not improving at all in the other eye.  Hopefully the extra strength tacrolimus, optix care and wetting drops will do work for him.

2/22/21:  Bingham is having some behavior issues so we are now working with the trainer and the vet to come up with a plan for him.  We feel he will benefit from medication such as prosaic along with a strict training program.  He is a good dog most of the time he just needs a little help to become a great dog all of the time. We will do everything we can to get him there!

11/1/21 – Bingham is looking for the perfect home!  Preferably one with a yard for him to explore and maybe one super fun playful dog for him to play with.  He also needs someone committed to working with him on a daily basis to be the best dog he can be.

12/10/11 – Bingham has been adopted.  Congrats Bingham and Jim!

approximate age: 4
approximate weight: 65
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: we have not seen him around cats
likes kids: he would be ok with teenagers but not small one since he can be a bit hyper at times
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: prescription eye drops for dry eye, prozac

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