Sully – March 25th, 2024

8/10/17:  Please welcome Big D!  His owner abandoned him with a dog sitter.  After a few months of attempting to connect with the owner and finally speaking with family members of the owner he made his way to GEBR.  He is already neutered.  He will need to be vaccinated, have his teeth cleaned, have his tail amputated and have his palate shortened.

He is five years old.  We are told he likes dogs, cats and kids.

Update 8/14/17:  Big D had surgery today and all went well!  He had his teeth cleaned, his tail amputated and his palate shortened.  He will move into his foster home in a few days after he recovers from surgery.

Update 9/3/17: Big D, now known as Sully, picked out his new family today. Congrats Big D and Snyder family!

March 25, 2024 – Sully (formally known as Big D) crosses over the rainbow bridge today. Please keep his family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Sully

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