Belle – July 24th, 2022

7/20/15:  Please welcome Belle!  Belle’s owners surrender her to rescue because they no longer wanted to tend to her occasional skin issues.  We are unsure what these skin issues are from; her skin looks great at the moment!  Hopefully with good food she will no longer have any skin issues.  She has been breed at least two times that we know of.  She is finishing up a heat cycle and will be spayed next week when she is out of heat.
She is 3 1/2 years old.  She likes other dogs.  She has never been around cats.  She has not grown up with children.
Update 8/3/15:  Belle was spayed on Friday and all went well.  She is now up to date on on her vaccinations.  She moved into her foster home with one male pug who she does not seem to mind.  She is also hanging out with four children ranging in age from 5 to 13.  So far she likes them all!  She is a little jumpy and excited when she meets new people.
Update 8/14/15:  Belle packed her bags and moved to TN with her new family! Congrats Belle and Childres family!
approximate age: 3 1/2
approximate weight: 41
likes dogs: yes
likes cats: n/a
likes children: yes
food: Taste of the Wild, Pacific Stream
life long medications: none
July 24, 2022 – Belle crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep her family in your thoughts.
Rest In Peace Belle

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