Momma Cookee

8/10/14: When you think you’ve seen it all……Momma’s and baby will be joining us shortly. Pup is not weaned. Momma’s has been giving her last bits of energy to keep her baby alive.
Update 8/12/14:  Momma Cookee and her pup Brownie are on the way from TN to GA now.  Thank you Scott for traveling to get them.  They will be heading to Riverside for a check up and we will let you know more about them and we know more.
Update 8/16/14:  Cookee and Brownie moved into their foster home.  They are very sweet and playful.  Kelly has her work cut out for her getting them potty trained!  They go back to the vet in three weeks for vaccinations and if Cookee has put on enough weight she will be spayed then.  We have been keeping them separated so that Cookee’s milk will dry up.
Update 9/5/14:  Cookee has put on enough weight and was vaccinated and spayed.  She is resting from her surgery but she is ready for adoption.
Update 11/2/14:  Cookee decided she really likes the family that lives across the street from her foster home.  So she moved it and they adopted her!  Congrats Mamma Cookee and Hoard family!
T Cella – in honor of the Melson’s 45th anniversary
E Nicholson – in memory of Daphne, GEBR alum








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