6/3/13: Rescue Railroad in progress right now!  Axel was found stray in Birmingham, AL last week.  His stray hold was up at 10am this morning and we had a driver waiting there waiting for him.  Megan took him from Birmingham, AL to meet Jenny and Don in Oxford, AL.  They drove him to meet Dawn in Villa Rice, GA.  Now he and Dawn are on their way to Riverside Animal Hospital.

We are told his has some skin issue, but that’s nothing we can’t handle.  We beleive he is between three and four years old.  We will have more updates after Dr Ross has time to give him a full exam.  He will be moved to a foster home after he spends two weeks in quarantine.

Thank you Megan, Jenny, Don and Dawn for getting Axel to safety!

Update 6/25/13: Axel went to his foster home on Saturday. He will spend a few weeks gaining some weight and then go back to see Dr Ross for neuter.

Update 7/16/13: Axel has been neutered and will be adopted this weekend!

Update 7/27/13: Axel has been adopted!  Congrats Axel, Craig and Trish!



Axel crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts.  

Rest In Peace Axel




D & T Payne



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