Aurora – May 16th, 2015

Meet Aurora, a 6 year old female.  Aurora was confiscated in a puppymill raid in Tennessee, late December, 2011.  While we celebrated the holidays, Aurora and her friends were awaiting their day in court.  It was probably the first time she was in a climate controlled environment, in her life.  Aurora lived in a small run and bred repeatedly while given little care. The dogs were emaciated and in very poor medical condtion.  They did recently have their day in court…THEY WON!!! The bad peole can’t have them anymore and it’s off to the Princess life for this sweet girl.  Aurora is now 5 pounds heavier, UTD on shots and heartworm negative. She has a very sweet personality and gets along with other dogs. Aurora will not be available until after she undergoes 2 weeks of isolation, then on to spay and entropion surgery.

Update 3/1/12: Aurora went to her foster home yesterday. And we are happy to say that she will be fostered with Jasmine! She will to go back to the vet soon for surgery but we are excited that she gets to experience the good life for a little while first. All things considered, she seems to like people. She is happy and sweet and enjoys being touched. She prefers to be outside, poor girl has probably never stepped foot into a house until yesterday afternoon. It took a few hours but she finally went in on her own. Good thing her foster parents have a shady fenced in yard for her and Jasmine as they get comfortable with their new surroundings. Thank you Deb and Bill for taking them in and helping them transition into the good life.

Update 3/12/12: Aurora had palate surgery and was spayed today.  She is awake and doing fine.  Once her stitches are removed she will be ready for adoption.

Update 3/26/12: Aurora got her stitches out.  She is ready for adoption!

Update 8/25/12: Aurora has been adopted with her daughter Jasmine. Thank you Bill and Debbie Howell for taking such great care of them.   Congrats Jasmine, Aurora, Wyman and April!


May 16, 2015: Three years ago GEBR pulled two precious girls out of a backyard breeding situation in TN.  We believed them to be mother and daughter, Aurora and Jasmine.  They were bonded and adopted together.  The girls were adopted by the Watts family and went on to lead charmed lives as every princess should. Six weeks ago Aurora, now “Rory” was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma. She and her parents battled this dreaded disease valiantly but in the end, cancer won. Rest in Peace precious Rory, you deserved every luxury life had to offer and your parents made that dream come true. Please keep the Watts family and Jasmine “Jazzy” in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn the loss of this little princess.

Aurora “Rory” Watts



B & D Howell

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