Shelton – February 29, 2016

7/26/12: Meet Shelton, a stray from a local animal shelter. Shelton was transferred to our care, on a medical release needing urgent care.  He is now at Riverside Animal Hospital.  We will have more information available after he has been evaluated. Welcome Shelton to the Good Life!

Update 9/11/12:  Shelton was neutered last week and has moved out of Riverside Animal Hospital and into his foster home.  He still has much hair loss; hopefully some with grow back over time.  But if not, that’s ok too!  He ears looks fantastic compared to what they looked like when he came into rescue.  His back leg is a little stiff; we are monitoring that. He is a little slow going up and down steps.  Other than that he is good to go!  He met his English Bulldog foster sister Maggie last night; so far so good between them.  He also met one of the two cats that he will be staying with; he said hello and went on his way.  He has meet many children and loves them all.

Update 10/26/12: Shelton’s ear infection has returned.  We are treating it and we continue to monitor his leg.   

Update 11/5/12:  Shelton has been adopted by Louis and Jill Harris.  Congrats Shelton, Louis, Jill and Thelma!


S Chandler L Callahan    

D & T Payne

M Gansereit        



February 29, 2016: Shelton came into rescue in July 2012.  After a few months in a foster home he was adopted by the Harris family.  He spent the last 3 1/2 years loving life and be being spoiled like a bully should be.  Please keep the Harris family in your thoughts.

RIP Shelton