Scooter – May 22nd, 2021

6/9/17:  Please welcome Scooter!  His owners are no longer able to provide the care he needs.  He has severe skin issues, untreated dry eye, he needs to be neutered, he needs entropion surgery, and he needs his teeth cleaned.  Once his skin issues clear up we will move forward with surgery.

He is seven years old.  He likes dogs, cats and children.   He is very sweet and laid back!

Update 7/7/17:  Scooter had surgery today and all went well.  He had his teeth cleaned, had entropion surgery and he was neutered.  He started taking apoquel a week ago to help with all of his itching!

Update 10/24/17:  Scooter had his palate shortened and his nostrils widened today and all went well.  He has also seen the dermatologist a few times so we can get to the bottom of skin issues and hair loss.  He is on e a few new medications, some may be life long medications but the others will hopefully only be temporary.  He will need semi yearly visits to a dermatologist once he is adopted so that his skin issues do not come back.

Update 10/30/18:  Scooter is doing great in his foster home. He is happy, healthy and looking for his forever family!

Update 6/13/19: Scooter is doing great in his foster home but he still waiting to find his forever family!

Update 9/6/19:  Scooter has been adopted.  Congrats Scoter and Giles!

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May 22, 2021 – Scooter crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  Please keep his family in your thoughts

Rest In Peace Scooter