2/16/17 – Please welcome Bandit!  Bandit has spent the last year and half with his loving parents after they saved him from back yard breeder.  He has many typical bulldog skin and allergy issues and with his parents travel for work schedule they were finding it difficult to keep up with his constant issues.  They knew we would be able to find the best home and solution for his skin and allergy issues.  He recently had a break out of warts in his mouth and he needs entropian surgery.  We also discovered a slight heart murmur.  After ultrasound we discovered that the murmur was not a concern and we will more forward with surgery next week.

He will be five years old in May.  He likes dogs and young children, we do not know how he feels about cats.

Update 2/21/17 – Bandit has his surgery today and all went well.  We will monitor his skin and allergy issues and the warts in him mouth for a few weeks then he should be cleared for adoption.      

Update 4/27/17:  Bandit packed his packed and moved to SC.  Congrats Bandit and Amy!  


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