Ella Mae

5/31/22 – Please welcome Ella Mae! Apparently, Ella Mae didn’t care for the new dog that her owners brought home, so they dropped her off at the shelter. We are treating her for a UTI.

6/1/22 – Ella Mae was spayed today, and all went well. We are treating her now for an ear infection.

6/21/22 – Ella Mae had her recheck today and she still has an ear infection. We are treating her infection with a different medication.

11/4/22 – Ella Mae has been adopted. Congrats Ella Mae and Harmon family!

approximate age: 9
approximate weight: 64
likes dogs: she is reactive to dogs her size but seems to not mind small dogs
likes cats: no
likes kids: n/a
food: Taste Of The Wild, Pacific Stream
lifelong medications: none
Likes: Attention, belly rubs, walks
Dislikes: Other dogs her size and larger
Ideal home: A dog free home where she can get all of the attention or maybe a home with a small dog. An adult only home or a home with teenage kids. She is a sweet dog, but she has a ton of energy and is a big girl, we do not think she would do well around small kids.

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