Thank 9/20/17:  Please welcome Zeta!  She joins us from Fulton County Animal Control after she was seized from a puppy mill bust.   She needs to be spayed and have entropion surgery.  She had staples in her midline; it would appear that she has had a C-section recently.

She is two years old.  She likes dogs. At this time we do not know if she likes cats or young children.

Update 9/29/17:  Zeta had surgery today and all went well!  She was spayed and had her palate shortened.  

Update 10/2/17: Zeta moved into her foster home today. She will see the vet on 10/14 to have her stitches removed. She will be available for adoption once she recovers from surgery.

Update 10/15/17: Zeta was adopted today. Congrats Zeta and Kim!


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