Wilbur – February 18th, 2020

Welcome Wilbur, a 3 year old heartworm postive male, rescued from Pell City shelter in Alabama.  Wilbur came in as a stray with a female. She was heartworm negative and was adopted. The shelter wouldn’t adopt Wilbur out because they wanted to be assured that he would receive the treatment he needed to live a happy healthy life.  Wilbur is a little on the thin side but will be beefed up fairly soon.  No obvious medical problems.  He will be neutered and then will begin heartworm treatment.
He’s a sweet boy who loved every dog he met while leaving the shelter.

Update 12/21/11: Wilbur’s respertory infection is all cleared up.  He will be neutered soon and then begin heartworm treatment.  He will stay at our vet during his heartworm treatment and then he will move to a foster home.

Update 1/5/12: Poor boy has really had it rough and while at the shelter acquired respiratory infection.

Update 1/10/12: Sweet boy has made enough improvement that he was able to get neutered today. After a brief recovery period, he will have his heartworm treatment.

Update 2/10/12: Wilbur is finished with heartwrom treatment and was moved to a foster home.

Update 3/3/12: Wilbur has been adopted!  Congrats Wilbur, Robert and Jackie!

2/18/20:  Wilbur crossed over the rainbow bridge today.  Please keep his family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Wilbur