Ruby (Trouble was her original name but certainly not appropriate for this sweet girl) is another dog left with friends while the owner moved, then abandoned.  She is 7 years old, sweet with no major medical problems NOW.  Ruby was spayed last week and to our surprise she had a uterine infection.  Fortunately, the outcome was good since she had been on antibiotics for a raging ear infection the week before the surgery.  She also had an ear hematoma  drained and is healing well. She is on the mend  but is certainly bored wanting to run and play with the others.  Ruby is a bit of an imp and has a knack for rearranging her bed and crate.  I think she was an interior decorator in her past life, LOL.  She’s ready to get her life back to normal….soon sweet Ruby.


A perfectly fantastic little girl.  Although she’s 7 years old she has a great energy level.  She has recovered from Spay surgery, drainage of the ear hemotoma and the ear infection has healed.  Ruby has palate issues and a very small trachea, our vet doesn”t peform Palate Surgery, she will need to be evaluate and have the surgery performed, if she is a candidate at her age.  Ruby has been transferred to her new foster home where she is being spoiled at this very moment.