Tank – Rainbow Bridge

Everyone Meet Tank, an 18 month old male who came to rescue malnourished, infested with fleas, both ears infected and with pneumonia.  Tank’s owners fell on hard financial times and couldn’t afford to care for him any longer.  There were times when there was no dog food and no money to buy any…Tank ate whatever was available.

At some point we think his family stopped really caring anymore and looked at Tank as a potential money maker as a stud dog.  They initially refused rescue for that reason.  I have to say, after seeing Tank on the day he arrived, the person who would have bred their female to Tank would be nothing more than a backyard breeder or puppy mill.  It took some convincing by a rescue volunteer and a little “persuasion” by a former adopter to FINALLY get the owner to surrender.

On arrival to rescue, Tank was infested with fleas.  We were told that they had treated him for fleas but that Tank had a reaction to the medication, thus the fur loss….WRONG, Tank was treated with multiple medications to eradicate the fleas with not one adverse reaction.  And guess what?  The fleas are gone AND all of his fur is growing back.  We also doubt that he had any vet care in his short life.  The owner assured us that he had been to a vet but couldn’t remember the vets name or location (now what’s the likelihood of that;  I could tell you the vets name for my dog, who died 14 years ago).  We assumed that she really didn’t have Tank’s best interests at heart, so stopped asking any questions.  Tank was in a much better place with GEBR.  Fortunately, HE IS HEARTWORM NEGATIVE.

It became apparent a short time after he arrived at the vet that he had a pretty severe lung infection.  He spent 2 weeks at the hospital being treated for the pneumonia.  His ears were beet red and infected…this also cleared with antibiotics.  Oh and, he’s neutered….no more risk of ever being a “stud dog”.

Based on his physical condition on intake, along with the pneumonia, we don’t believe Tank would have been alive much longer.  He’s now on the road to recovery.   The pictures demonstrating how thin he is were taken 2 WEEKS after he entered the hospital, after he had been fed 3 meals a day.  He could stand to gain about 20 pounds.

Tank is now in a foster home.  He was raised with children and another dog.  He also reportedly does get along with other dogs.