Snooki – July 20, 2023

12/11/14: Please welcome Snooki!  Snooki has been battling some digestive issues for the past two months.  Dr Rush will be reviewing her old vet records and test results in attempt to get to the bottom of it.  Right now she is on prescription dog food and anti nausea medicine.

Update 12/18/19:  Snooki spend the last week with Dr Rush so that he could monitor her bowl movements and vomiting.  She has been fine since Monday.  She moved into her foster home this evening.

Update 12/27/14:  Our little Christmas miracle!  She was close monitoring in her foster home over the holiday.  She took a turn for the worse on Christmas Eve; on Christmas morning, she was transported to GVS for emergency work up.  The next morning she had an ultrasound.  Ultrasound demonstrated an obstruction and within the hour she was in surgery.  They removed an intact pacifier in her small bowel.  This poor baby is skin and bones; has been ravenous trying to eat only to vomit, have cramping and diarrhea.  The best explanation we can come up with is that the pacifier has been in her stomach since July, ball valving causing intermittent stomach obstruction but finally passed into her intestine, declaring itself.  Work up, including multiple X-rays had been negative up to this point. Snooki was released this morning and is on her way back to her ever watchful foster home.  Thank you Brookshire family, for being so diligent and saving Snooki’s life.

Update 12/28/14:  Snooki has had some diarrhea and vomit so she headed back to GVS for monitoring.

Update 12/29/14:  Snooki had another ultrasound today and it confirmed she is not septic.  Her vital are good and she was able to keep down food today.  She does his have diarrhea.  She will stay at GVS until she is feeling 100% better.  Then she will adopted by her foster family.

Update 2/12/15:  Snooki has been adopted by her foster family.  Congrats Snooki and Brookshire family!

July 20, 2023 – Snooki crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. Rest In Peace Snooki

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