11/3/15:  Please welcome Skylar!  Skylar was surrendered to the Humane Society 2 1/2 weeks ago by her owners.  They dropped of her and her brother stating they were moving into a new place that did not allow dogs.  On the intake form that the owners completed they stated Skylar was a perfect dog with no medical or potty issues.  But upon intake at the Humane Society they noticed she was fine except for fecal incontinence (no anal tone or sensation around anus).  They reached out to us today to take her into rescue.  We immediately picked her up and took her to Dr Ross and started her on a raw diet.  We suspect she has some degree of a spina bifida.  She currently has a UTI as well as a cherry eye.  She was spayed at the Humane Society already but we will move forward with cherry eye surgery next week.

She will be one year old in December.  She likes dogs but we do not know if she likes cats.  We know she has been around teenagers but we do not know if she has been around young children.

Update 11/12/15:  Skylar had her cherry eye surgery today and all went well.  She move into her foster home in a few days.

Update 11/18/15: Skylar moved into her foster home and is loving life with her brother Max.  She is completely mobile and loves to run and play!  She is adjusting well to the raw diet and diapers.  She can and will squat to pee but still has no control over her bowel movements.

Update 12/2/15:  Skylar decided she was very happy in her foster home and she will not be going anywhere!  Congrats Skylar, Deborah and Max!




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