Sky – February 19th, 2018

1/9/15:  Please welcome Sky! She has been passed home to home and breed. Her last home the neighbors pit bull jumped the fence and mated with her. You can see from the pictures of her over breeding from the nipples being misshaped from over nursing, and sagging of her nipples and  sagging of vulva. She was kept tied up outside on a chain. That is why she has missing hair around her neck and her skin is irritated.  She had no vaccinations and has never been seen by a vet.  Her most recent owner did not have money to spay her so she has been surrendered to GEBR.

She has some acne on her face the vet said which is a cause from environmental allergy of being kept outside. She is heart worm positive.  She will be getting medicated baths once a week and antibiotics to clear of her skin.

She is five years old.  She likes dogs and so far she seems to like the very laid back bulldog at her foster home. But she does not like the little Chihuahua and growls at them. She does show food aggression to other animals not humans. She is a very loving dog.   She is housebroken.  She is a very sweet girl and very playful.

Update 1/20/15:  Sky was spayed today and all went well.

Update 1/26/15:  Sky started her heartworm treatment.  She will be available for adoption once she completes her treatment.

Update 2/9/15: Sky will be staying at the vets office for the next 3 days receiving her heartworm treatment and for observation.

Update 2/11/15: Sky heartworm treatment went well. She was able to go back home with her foster parents today. She will return to the vet in 6 weeks for an oral treatment and stay with vet for observation, and then return again in 6 weeks for blood work to see if heartworm treatment was successfully treated and that she is heartworm negative.

Sky will be interviewing her new dad and brother as soon as she is cleared by the vet!

Update 6/18/15:  Sky met her dad and brother this past weekend and she approves!  Congrats Sky, Mike and Porkchop!


2/19/18:  Sky crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge today.  Please keep her family in your thoughts. 

Rest In Peace Sky



L Gunter




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