10/19/15 – Please welcome Si!  Si has been sick for some time now and his owners could not afford the care he needed to further diagnose the issue so they surrendered him to us.  He has not been able to keep food down and he has drastically lost weigh.  He is only 34 pounds at the moment.  Thank you Ruth for picking him this morning and getting him the Dr. Rush’s office.

He is two years old.  We are told he likes dogs, cats and young children.

Dr. Rush has diagnosed Si with megaesophagus.  We are waiting on doing blood work results and working on a game plan for his future.  We are also preparing all of the thing he will need to live a healthy life moving forward. He has a smaller frame so we believe he will be about 50 pounds once he is healthy again.

Update 10/21/15:  Si has not regurgitated any food or water since he has been with us at the clinic!  He is eating a mixture of canned dog food and water from an elevated bowl.  This evening we measured him for a custom feeding chair that he will use for the rest of his life to prevent regurgitation after eating and drinking.  Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs is making and donating his chair to him!  We are so excited and honored that the have agreed to donate a chair to Si!

Update 11/17/15:  Si started using his Bailey Chair today!  We switched him from canned food mixed with water to dry food soaked in water on 11/13 and he has had very little regurgitation since the change.  He sits in his chair while he eats his food and then stays in his chair for 20 minutes afterwards to make sure his food gets down to his stomach.

Update 12/1/15:  Si has been experiencing labored breathing for the past two weeks.  We were uncertain if it was a palate issue, secondary issues related to mega e or possibly laryngeal paralysis.  Dr Rush spoke with the neurologist at GVS and we decided it was best to get a consult to rule out any neurological disorders that could have caused the mega e as well as the breathing issues. Dr Parks did a full neurologist exam today and Si checked out perfect!  He then saw Dr Berryessa to check for laryngeal paralysis and that was ruled out as well!  During that exam they discovered he does have an elongated soft palate.   Si is already at a high risk for aspiration pneumonia because of his mega e so doing any type of surgery on him is risky.  But all of the doctors confirmed it would be in his best interest to move forward with surgery now to give him a better quality of life.  He will have his palate shortened and his nostrils widened tomorrow by Dr Winkler and he will stay in the hospital with 24 hour care for 24-48 hours after surgery so they can watch him closely.

Update 3/20/16: Darryl, Maimarie and Darla decided Si wasn’t going anywhere…they made it official and adopted him.  Congrats everyone!




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