Shug – February 14th, 2019

12/20/18: Please welcome Shug! She is sick in the hospital right now with pneumonia and her owners can no longer afford her care so they asked us to take her into rescue. She is in the ICU on oxygen and oral medication for treatment. She is already vaccinated and spayed but she will need palate surgery once she is cleared of her pneumonia.

12/21/18: Shug was taken off oxygen today and moved from the ICU to our regular vet clinic. She will need x-rays again in two weeks to see if her pneumonia has cleared up. In the meantime she will remain on oral medications and strict crate rest.

1/4/18: Shug had her x rays today and they will be evaluated by the radiologist but at first glance she is looking much better. She will continue her oral medications for another two weeks then additional x rays will be done. She will have palate surgery once she is fully cleared from pneumonia.

February 14, 2019: Shug crossed over the Rainbow Bridge today. Unfortunately Shug became ill just a few days ago and we discovered she had a large amount of masses on her liver.